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    Scholar healer build - Very detailed with guide

    Hi Crimsonleaf, Sorry for the late reply, I haven't logged in the forums for several days! For the points distribution, pre-changes to Might & Wisdom and the introduction of vitality, I would have said to go about 2/3 into Intelligence since it's the main stat for building healing power and...
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    Maximizing Your Archetype: Why Each Skill Tree Should Have a Secondary Skill for Versatility

    The class system sure allows, or a least tries to stimulate creativity, by being able to use a combination of any archetypes, but this flexibility in itself presents some intrinsic limitations that people will need to be aware of, especially if they intend to compete on the PvP scene. Right...
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    Problem The Disappearance of Lord Shopan

    Are you still trying to do it? I need someone to help I can't solo it lol
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    Current effective level system needs to go

    Hey all. Just wanted to share my views on the current effective level system, as I believe in it's current state it might have quite a negative impact on the overall player experience. I believe the system should be either reworked or entirely removed as in it's current state, it seems to...
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    Scholar healer build - Very detailed with guide

    Hey all! I've just finished a Scholar healing build on the database. I designed it to focus on both single and group healing in both PvE and PvP scenarios, by using strong instant heals and Heal over time (HoT) effects, by providing much needed survivability to the group via shields and debuff...
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    PvP interactions

    Some player attacked and killed me, but I could not attack him back. Even when toggling on the PvP button. Sup with that??
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    Help with Mixed bloodlines

    Thank you! Found it!
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    Help with Mixed bloodlines

    I can't find the Jensen's key! :( I saw a post by the devs showing a map with the exact location, but it's not there. Thanks for you help!!
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    [Cartographer] Cave of Dwarf Rock Statue

    Help, the key is not at the marked location!!