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  1. ViniciusSanctus


    Awesome idea! :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Will this game be normies friendly?

    Lovely :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Maximizing Your Archetype: Why Each Skill Tree Should Have a Secondary Skill for Versatility

    Nothing against both of them, I just think they should be way lower on priority than some core game features. But that's just me, I can only hope I'm not wrong. :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Tão até dublando os NPCs :pandaadmirewizard:
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    The open beta is over?

    Sadly, probably a month or two... 😭
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    Mechanics Problema com MANA!

    Assim q sair o beta 2 vai dar pra ter uma noção do q está rolando, se sequer encostarem nessas coisas de gameplay e todas as quest estiverem dubladas vou ficar bem chateado :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Cosmetic & Packs Economia "Donate"

    Sim tem q ver pq parece q a pegada do Ravenquest q eles querem q seja mais "financeira". Mas concordo q sem alguma forma de entrar grana samerda morre rapidin. Só acho péssimo jogos q limitam pessoas q compram itens com o "ravencoin" por exemplo, revenderem tais itens (geralmente skins) pra...
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    Did the monsters of ravendawn have different types of defense?

    From what I've tested so far they do already have different def stats, can't say for sure tho.
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    It's ok, we are but fallible humans afterall :pandaadmirewizard:
  10. ViniciusSanctus

    Suggestion ideia pra tornar os mini games mais interessantes

    Qquer coisa menos o mini-game atual, agora q o raven parou de funcionar e fui jogar outros jogos se tem algo q tenho ZERO saudades é a coleta do ravendawn, BEM ruinzinha e frustrante. Qquer coisa menos o sistema atual :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    Yup, as I said, maybe they'll make different server types for both our play styles. :pandaadmirewizard: And I'm usually at peace, I just get defensive once I get unnecessarily mocked, other than that I'm pretty chilled. :ninja:
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    Maximizing Your Archetype: Why Each Skill Tree Should Have a Secondary Skill for Versatility

    Lovely ideas guys, sadly from the devs updates I've seen since beta is gone, looks like quests and voice acting are the focus instead of core gameplay :cry: Just hope they really focus more on core gameplay before the game releases instead of quests and voice acting which are time demanding and...
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    It definitely is so, how about we don't make it EVEN worse? :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    Disgusting disrespectful childish behavior from wasabi players indeed. (No wonder the PT-BR madness in the english section) Let's put it like that, I dont give a fk that you dont give a fk about dying and wasting your time, mine is highly precious. Maybe they'll do hardcore servers and the...
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    This is not Tibia bro, and also not the PT-BR part of the forum. Hope the devs won't screw this up making this game a "hardcore for bad boyz" kind of game. I value my time and don't feel like giving it to randomlings on the internet, call it crying at will. This issue is way more critical...
  16. ViniciusSanctus

    Please reopen beta1 or open beta2 faster

    Im using other drugs in order to hang on, check madworld out if you need something to hang into until Ravendawn is back in town, its a browse based MMO that just released. It's helping me a lot, it's shitty linear quest based korean MMO tho, but the grind is kinda fun. :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Suggestion Witchcraft um ajuste na ideia do arquetipo.

    Eu to brochadin q o beta 2 so vai rolar em junho/julho, hype ja brochou dentro de mim como mecanismo de auto-preservação 🤕
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    Suggestion Witchcraft um ajuste na ideia do arquetipo.

    Sem haste da pra ficar AFK durante o cast! kkkk :pandaadmirewizard:
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    Dúvida sobre servidor PvE

    Sim dá pra jogar só dá um trabalhinho extra pra ficar gerenciando aonde e qdo vc pode ir pra ficar 100% seguro ❤️:pandaadmirewizard: ❤️
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    Suggestion Death Penalty

    Go play real life bro, lots of risks and dangers. Or any other hardcore game that already include that shitty "realistic" risk/reward mechanics, that just gives all the advantage to online thugs/bandits. You say nutella I say I value the time I've spent in-game enough not to offer it freely to...