Suggestion Better enemy AI


Guardião da força e da justiça.
Hello everyone, I'm Gustavo, also known as Dragon GMB, I'm here to talk about the NPC AI (Artificial Intelligence).

As far we know until now the enemies target the player based in the level difference between them, if the player level is lower than the NPC it can notice the player from much far, if the player level is above the NPC it can notice the player only from close distance, this is neat, but I think it can be better.

I'm suggesting to create three types of enemies:
  • Passive - Only attack the player if they are attacked first (Critters, passive/non-aggressive creatures, guards).
  • Aggressive - Attack the player indiscriminately (Wild beast, abominations, corrupted or any condition that makes them aggressive).
  • Neutral - Only attack the player if their level are lower enough (Creatures smart enough to avoid battles against powerful enemies)

Example of Passive creatures​

Bunnies, foxes, deer, bee, guards, wandering civilians, butterflies and spiders.

Example of Aggressive creatures​

Haunted trees, raiders, cultists, pirates, poisoned bears, skeletons, demons and dragons.

Example of Neutral creatures​

Elves, pirates, wolf, bears, cultists, raiders, dragons.

Some creatures can have different AI in different conditions, like red dragons can be always aggressive, but green dragons only attack players below their level and blue dragons attack players if their level is 5 above theirs, check the detailed example bellow.

  • Red Dragons (Lvl 30) - Aggressive AI.
  • Blue Dragons (Lvl 25) - Neutral, aggressive if the player level is 30 or bellow.
  • Green Dragons (Lvl 20) - Neutral, aggressive if the player level is 20 or bellow.
The aggro distance can still be applied for aggressive creatures.


Community Manager
Your suggestion is awesome! We are forwarding to our internal team, we are grateful for the organization and for sharing your ideas with our team! <3