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Hello dear Ravenderian friends, I have already raised many topics on these subjects, but I like to look for alternatives that might work!

Guildhalls: Is it the famous giant residences where guild members live, or there are artworks, meetings and a lot of other things, but what if we were different? not just a Guildhall, but running a kingdom or a small region.

Example: There are some castles that are present on the map, but what will they serve? That is the question! It could be the CastleHall, and inside that castle when conquered would have a management npc, that would allow building in the region surrounding the castle, that's right! Through the resources collected by all the guilds it would be possible to develop a city around the castle, including the forges, stables and others, and who would do this would be the guild members, in addition, would have the wall, the wall would be used to defend the castle and have a life bar, if some guild declared war against yours, should tear down the wall to enter the city and castle and finally conquer it, did you think guild campaigns would be easy?

In addition to the wall with its immense life according to the evolutions that take place on it, the other buildings would also have its life, so since there is a war your guild will have to have resources to support it, do you want more realism than that? If you conquer the castle and destroy the buildings a lot, you will have to recover or repair them!

Guild Campaign: The guild campaigns will be the famous wars, they will take place every 1 month and will last for a week! That's why the guilds must prepare, both the attacker and the defender, because to bank the war and rebuild the apex of the region, you'll have to have resources!
There are currently 3 possible castles.

Are you going to enter the war and win your place, or are you going to be left out?
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Erique Souza
Very interesting, but then what worries me is just the issue of space on the map, eventually this space will run out if the main guilds in the castles, today there are 3, in the future 10 example. But is it if more guilds want to participate?, 20,30, 60, 150

Perhaps what would solve this issue would be a parallel map instead of several small islands with castles, just for guilds to form and desire each other, that would solve the space issue. Of course this could also be done in the main "plan" of the game, but then it would have to be well connected to have land for everyone.