Developer Updates #20

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Welcome to Developer Updates #20!

WOW! These last 4 weeks have gone by too fast! Alpha 5 has been successfully completed and now we can confirm this was the most epic phase ever! We can't thank you enough for all the support with constant feedback and suggestions to make Ravendawn even better over time!

Participating in the Alpha phases and seeing the evolution of Ravendawn through all the phases was awesome, huh?! But trust us... the Beta will be absolutely incredible as well! Join us on the next phase to experience fun moments ー it's the last opportunity for you to participate in a closed testing phase!

In this Developer Updates, you can check several spoilers of what's to come for the Beta! Take a look and tell with us what you are most excited to test!

Hope you all enjoy it 😍

  • Added creature drops system ー with 300+ items as loot drops
  • Added map click & follow on ships
  • Worked on Breeding System for Moas
  • Now Death Penalty is enabled only after the player reaches level 20
  • Now it's possible to get Fishing Rods and Hooks with better Grades
  • Now the bosses from Quests count to all party members, if they are eligible
  • Increased the base EXP of the item used for Infusion depending on its Tier
  • Dynamic Events will now have its progress shared when in a party, if members are eligible
  • Now players will receive base AP & DP based on the Effective Level
  • Now it is possible to mine the node even if another player is already mining
  • Aether pool is now on a 1-100 scale ー all spells now operate in increments of 10 Aether
  • Now it's possible to collect Tradepacks on the sea with right-click (CTRL not needed)
  • Fishes will now be an inventory item instead of a Fishpack
  • The party level range is now 10 Effective Levels
  • Night and underground minimum light radius has been increased by 1 tile
  • Improved the experience of mouse targeting creatures, players and objects
  • All Land Deeds are now untradeable
  • Weapons crafted on Quests will now always come with its preferential Attribute
  • The necessary Dexterity/Haste points to increase the Secondary Attributes will be based on the Effective Level
  • Changed the land tax cost (from 100 to 10 Silver per tile)
  • Changed the weapons scaling Attribute ー now Staff and Sceptre will deal Spell Damage (Intelligence), while the rest of the weapons will keep dealing Weapon Damage (Might)
  • Changed the Hard Cap for Primary Attributes ー now it's possible to have more attributes than before
UI Design.png
Created several new interface assets:
  • Settings Menu
  • Modals & Notifications
  • Quest and Events HUD
  • Quest Tracker & Quest Log
  • Reputation, Skill Tree, Inventory, Character & Infusion Windows
  • Trade Window
  • Character Info, Bag & Outfits
  • Mailbox System
  • Chat Box & Dialogues with NPCs
  • Party & Group Control
  • Tradepacks Panel

  • Created attack animations for several creatures ー Hogs, Goblins, Pirates, Trolls, Djinns & more
  • Created several revamped creatures ー Turtles, Foxes, Trolls, Sharks, Zorians & more
  • Created several new channeling animations for Archetypes/Character spells
  • Created several new misc objects for the Treasure Room ー Jars, Coins, Chests, Hangables & Statues
  • Created new assets for Dwarven Districts ー Basins, Ornamented Walls, Stairs & more
  • Created several new assets for the Djinn Temple
  • Created new versions for Gazers ー Ice and Sand
  • Created a new NPC ー Munk Farmer
  • Created new Moas stables ー Breeding System related
  • Created new variations for Moas equipment
  • Created new metal (iron, copper) assets ー Tiles, Borders, Grids, Pipes & more
  • Updated the color scheme for several wooden items to match Glaceford
  • Revamped the Chef and created its animation

Fixed Bugs.png
  • The interaction key 'F' is now properly working after walking on diagonal
  • The kid outfit is now properly disappearing for all Archetypes during the Tutorial
  • The NPC path has been fixed ー there are no more Ravenguards walking through walls
  • Changing the player outfit while sailing doesn’t lock the ship into the character anymore
  • Using 'Unstuck' successfully while the ship is anchored now allows the player to move
  • All seeds have the correct growing time at House Editor Mode/Interface
  • The Skeleton summoned by the Troll Warlock Ravencard is now properly attacking
  • Outfit addons are now properly saving when the player unequips and equips a weapon
  • Weapon's skills are properly locked on HUD if Edit UI is disabled
  • Players now can properly use skills after getting while Unstucking
  • Now it's not possible to use Weapon skills while sailing
  • Monsters are not able to occupy PZ zones anymore
  • Old Toad's Amulet is now working properly
  • Respawn points are now working properly
  • The following function is now working properly
  • Fixed FPS drop issues when trying to move the Minimap while walking
  • Fixed being able to use spell Teleport to access places players are not supposed to
  • Fixed the position for the pickaxe animation while mining
  • 'Wind Wall' is now properly blocking projectiles
  • 'Flame Tornado' will now continue dealing damage even if the caster gets stunned
  • Fixed several typos, wrong locations on the compass & Quest Log and other issues related to Quests
  • & More Small Fixes

Double sneak peek today! We know you are excited about depots, but how about to check how the Treasure Room will look like?! Below we have some examples with the assets that were developed during the last week! What how about to check some of the new Gazhers? :cool:



Thanks for your attention and see you next time! :love:
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🇧🇷 Portuguese Version

Bem-vindo ao Developer Updates #20!


  • Adição de sistema de drop de criaturas ーcom mais de 300 itens como loot drops
  • Adição de map click & follow para navios
  • Implementação do sistema de Breeding para Moas
  • Agora a penalidade de morte é ativada somente depois que o jogador atinge level 20
  • Agora é possível conseguir Fishing rods e Hooks com Grades melhores
  • Agora os bosses das Quests contam para todos os membros da party, se elegíveis
  • Agora os jogadores receberão base AP & DP com base no Level Efetivo
  • Agora é possível começar a minerar nodes mesmo se outro jogador já estiver minerando
  • Agora é possível coletar Tradepacks no mar com right-click (CTRL não é mais necessário)
  • Aumento no EXP base de itens usados para Infusion dependendo do Tier do item
  • Eventos Dinâmicos agora terão o progresso compartilhado quando em party
  • A pool de Aether agora está em uma escala de 1-100
  • Os peixes agora serão itens de inventário ao invés de Fishpacks
  • O level range da party foi atualizado para 10 Levels Efetivos
  • O raio de luz do personagem durante a noite e underground foi aumento em 1 tile
  • Melhora na experiência de targetar criaturas, jogadores e objetos com o mouse
  • Todas as Land Deeds agora são untradeable
  • Armas craftadas em Quests agora vêm com o Atributo de preferência da arma
  • Os pontos necessários de Dexterity/Haste para aumentar os Atributos Secundários serão baseados no Level Efetivo
  • Mudança no custo das taxas das lands (de 100 para 10 Silver por tile)
  • Mudança no scaling de Atributos para armas ー agora Staff e Sceptre darão Spell Damage (Intelligence), enquanto o resto das armas continuará dando Weapon Damage (Might)
  • Mudança no Hard Cap para Atributos Primários ー agora é possível ter mais atributos do que antigamente
UI Design.png
Criação de vários novos assets de interface:
  • Menu de Configurações
  • Modais & Notificações
  • HUD de Quests e Eventos
  • Quest Tracker & Quest Log
  • Janelas de Reputação, Árvore de Habilidades, Inventário, Trade & Infusion
  • Informação de Personagem, Bag & Outfits
  • Sistema de Mailbox
  • Chat Box & Diálogos com NPCs
  • Controle de Party & Grupo
  • Painel de Tradepacks

  • Criação de animações de ataque para diversas criaturas ー Hogs, Goblins, Pirates, Trolls, Djinns & mais
  • Criação de revamp de diversas criaturas ー Turtles, Foxes, Trolls, Sharks, Zorians & mais
  • Criação de animações de channeling para spells de Archetypes/Characters
  • Criação de diversos novos objetos para a Treasure Room ー Jarros, Moedas, Baús, Estátuas & mais
  • Criação de novos assets para o Dwarven District ー Basins, Paredes Ornamentadas, Escadas & mais
  • Criação de diversos novos assets para o Djinn Temple
  • Criação de novas versões de Gazers ー Ice and Sand
  • Criação de um novo NPC ー Munk Farmer
  • Criação dos estábulos das Moas ー Relacionado ao Sistema de Breeding
  • Criação de novas variações para equipamentos de Moas
  • Criação de novos assets de metal ー Tiles, bordas, grids, canos & mais
  • Atualização das cores de diversos itens de madeira para harmonizar com Glaceford
  • Revamp no NPC Chef e criação de animações

Bugs Resolvidos.png
  • A key de interação ‘F’ agora está funcionando adequadamente após movimento na diagonal
  • O outfit da criança agora está adequadamente desaparecendo para todos os Arquétipos durante o Tutorial
  • O caminho dos NPCs está consertado ー não há mais Ravenguards andando por paredes
  • Mudar o outfit do jogador enquanto navegando não tranca o outfit do navio no jogador
  • Usar ‘Unstuck’ enquanto o navio está ancorado agora permite que o jogador se mova
  • Todas as sementes agora possuem o tempo correto de amadurecimento
  • O esqueleto summonado pela Ravencard Troll Warlock agora está atacando corretamente
  • Os addons dos outfits agora estão sendo salvos corretamente, mesmo quando o jogador desequipa e equipa uma arma
  • Os jogadores agora podem usar skills de forma adequada depois de usarem o Unstuck
  • Agora não é possível mais usar skills das armas enquanto o jogador está navegando
  • Monstros não conseguem mais ocupar zonas PZ
  • O Old Toad’s Amulet está funcionando adequadamente
  • Os pontos de Respawn agora estão funcionando adequadamente
  • A função de following está funcionando adequadamente
  • Conserto de um problema de drop de FPS quando o jogador tentava se movimentar enquanto movia o Minimap
  • Conserto de um problema que permitia o jogador usar a spell Teleport para acessar lugares inacessíveis
  • Diversos outros bugs relacionados a Quests e Gameplay

Obrigado pela atenção e até a próxima! :love:
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