Lyderia, from the beginning and the beginning of the end (fictional)


Translated from the Portuguese trought 'google translator'.


In tradition it is said that when the first of us arrived at what today is, or at least it was, known as Lyderia, the place was tempestuous, temperamental, changed its form at all times, with earthquakes, rains of stones and gigantic waves They touched the coastal areas.
Despite this, they saw in Lyderia an immense potential to be a place of calm and prosperity.
They sat all in circle, women, men, children, elders, and closed their eyes, calmly calmed and heart, perceiving the silence there, as there is everywhere, despite all agitation.
By perceiving the silence, the silent presence was being done in each stirring, in each storm and, little by little, the environment was becoming more calm and peaceful.
The coarse sounds were now sweets, the strong and burning smells were now pleasant to feel.
When the presence of silence was completely done, they opened their eyes and saw that marvel they would now call home.
Nothing had to be said and yet everyone understood their duty to stay in peace and harmony with these forces.

And thus, of this small group, what was known with Lyderia, a kingdom of peace and harmony and, still, potent and relentless, when necessary.


Hundreds of years passed, cities were erected, altars built, wealth discovered and offered, beauties were made and everything continued in constant evolution in Lyderia and, despite this, the environment was still harmonious because, from the beginning of peace, citizens never More stopped realizing and preserving silence in minds and hearts.

For this growth to continue and that improvements in people's lives were made, groups of explorers, time or another, came out by the seas looking for friendly people and their discoveries and inventions. Among these, Lucien Ravencrest's group stood out, for always returning with news and never got lost in the seas.

There was not much since the vessels of the explorers arrived, empty, when Lucien arrived with his, full of treasures covered, in the port of the capital of Lyderia.
There formed a crowd of curious on the spot, namely the new inventions of the world.
Lucien stopped a while, looking at the loud, as if he were thinking of something and then took from his pocket a gutter that carried: a small duck, all metal that, when turning a key on his back, walked and swing.
Of course, citizens were stunned but soon applauded and laughed, wanting to see more.
Lucien then said he was tired of the long journey and that, after meeting with the king, he would show more what he had brought.

It was done so, the crowd was dispersed slowly and Lucien and his companions were unloading chests and more chests, and closed bags, into a harbor deposit, intended for their ships.
When everything had been unloaded, Lucien went to find the king at the Palace of the Capital.

Not long afterwards, citizens were terrified when, looking at the heavens a storm formed, with strong and living colors, as a punishment to be prepared.
The monks were sought and, without understanding the reason for it, they sat in meditation, to understand what had happened.
They realized that there was really something wrong in Lyderia. The peace that used to reign next to the silence was no longer the same, there was a hectic feeling, not very clear.

The only thing he had changed that day was the arrival of Lucien ships, the monks thought. Then they left there, to look for the reason for the turbulence.

The rain began to fall, cold and cut, as if taken by an endless sadness.

When they arrived at the warehouse, they heard Ravencrest's companions boast of how easy it had been to take all those treasures of that "rude people" and how easy it was to kill them.
They realized that they were being watched and left up the curious ones, who looked and heard behind the door.
To the monks, there was no chance of escape and, one by one, were stabbed back, while they ran.
Not knowing what to do, the murderers threw them into the sea and, after cleaning the vestiges of blood, went to look for all the other monks that could know where they had gone.
One by one, they killed them all, they thought.

The rain rose in his sadness and the sea began an uncontrollable wrath, the ships were shocked against each other. The torches on the streets were washed through the rain water, remaining the darkness.
The fear that had already increased and took over all hearts.
Rays and more rays struck the sea and, this, grew even more in anger.

I already knew what that meant: the end of the silent agreement, the ruin of harmony. Just did not know why!
But there was no time, I ran to time, and when I arrived, I saw Lucien's fellow lanyards coming out with the bloody swords and the bodies of the fire masters.

There was no place for me, everything was finished, the tradition was lost, and if I died, it would be forever.
I ran away with the acolytes that have not yet lived in time and, with our small river travel boat, we look at the anger of the sea, where this wanted to take ...

We spent years wandering from coast to coast, in unknown and prosperous lands and also dangerous and uninhabited. All others did not take hunger and fatigue and, some abandoned tradition and settled in some corner and others perished ...
But these stories later.

In one of the wandens I heard about a land called Ravencrest and I could not believe when I did it.
This has always been my destiny.
Wait for me.