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Hello, everyone! :banditread:

We are excited to announce that we will once again be rewarding community members for sharing the Ravendawn Discord server with their friends and fellow gaming communities!

This is simply to thank those who help spread the word of our project, so please remember to not brigade or spam random people or communities with invites. If you are caught doing this, or it is reported to us, you will be immediately banned from our discord. If you want to spread the word about our project, please make sure you do it properly based on the community you are apart of and give proper context/information about Ravendawn when doing so.

If you are wondering how to share the word of Ravendawn with your friends and get some cool rewards for doing so, you can check it here:

We have added a new bot to the Discord server! Invite Tracker bot will now track how many people you have invited to join our community! To use this new feature, simply do the following: (check image as well)

1. Click the Ravendawn Button at the top of our Discord!

2. Click "Invite People" Button

3. At the bottom, click "Edit Invite Link"

4. Change "Expire After" > Never

5. Change "Max Number of Uses" > No limit

6. Generate New Link!

Now anyone who joins using this link will increase your invites count! You can see your invite count at anytime in the ambassador-tracker channel!


By the way, you will get very nice rewards for helping to share the project! If you are interested, you can check them out here. Alpha 3 is coming soon, let's go get your key & ambassador role!

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