Synergy - NA Server


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Astor Demon, Mountain King, Goblin Obsession, ending up with wisdom quest gear/rings, dying in PvP, "how do I place a potato plant in the community farm?"

Progress in Ravendawn much more efficient when done with others. Gearing is much easier/cheaper when you can coordinate on specific crafting skills to focus on. The overall goal and aim of the guild is playstyle diversity and coordination. There will be no mandates or requirements, but prior to launch, we will be gathering information on efficiency as well as coordinating groups/crafting skills/land/farming to ensure we have a successful start. Recruiting will also be adjusted as time goes on to ensure that the entire guild is not simply playing the singular best class (archer obviously 😉 ).

For us to be truly successful, we will work collectively to ensure each member is succeeding in their goals and providing assistance where applicable. This guild is truly designed for those who would like to play in community opposed to individually. Naturally, this guild is just starting, but I have successfully started and led large guilds/communities in a variety of games. My goal as a leader is to help everyone be successful, not be your boss.

If you're interested, please post below or message me on discord starlight7#0587 (must be lowercase s) :)